Fix your iPhone 4's antenna 'boo-boo' with Antenn-aid

If you don't want to conceal your iPhone's beauty inside a case, you can fix its antenna "owie" with these cute little adhesive strips.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
Does your iPhone 4 have an antenna owie? Patch it right up with an Antenn-Aid.
Does your iPhone 4 have an antenna owie? Patch it right up with an Antenn-Aid. Antennaid

So many harsh words have been thrown around to describe the iPhone 4's antenna problems. Crisis! Disaster! Antennagate! But let's not overstate the issue: the iPhone has a boo-boo, and as every parent knows, nothing fixes a boo-boo like a Band-Aid.

Or, in this case, an Antenn-Aid. That's the name given to a six-pack of familiar-looking adhesive strips designed to cover the tiny gap that's causing so much trouble.

In other words, yeah, they're Band-Aids for your iPhone.

Cute? Yes. Clever? Definitely. Effective? Though "intended for entertainment purposes only," there's every reason to believe the Antenn-Aids will solve the reception problem (which occurs when your palm or fingers cover that gap).

After all, that's what cases and bumpers do. In fact, so does applying a simple strip of tape. (Read CNET's iPhone 4 antenna FAQ to learn more.) So this is no doubt unnecessary for anyone who already has a case--or a roll of Scotch tape.

But it's still an amusing little conversation starter, and I think the $4.99 price tag (not including shipping, which adds a buck) is more than reasonable. The pack includes six different colors.

In case you're wondering, I found these on Etsy (by way of Gizmodo), home to all kinds of way-cool accessories--like the awesome iPhone stands made of forks and spoons.

What do you think of the Antenn-Aid? Cute, or just silly?