Fix for iTunes 9.0.1 refusing to save your store password

iTunes 9 refuses to allow users to save their iTunes Store password, but a simple fix sets things straight.

David Martin
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David Martin
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iPhone Atlas reader golf11, participants in Apple's discussion boards, and I are all complaining that iTunes 9.0.1 refuses to remember our Apple ID passwords.

The Apple ID password is part of the user ID/password combination that you use to access and authorize activities and purchases in the iTunes Store. After iTunes 9.0.1 was released, a number of users were annoyed that the check mark button for saving their password no longer worked. As a result, each purchase or app-upgrade triggers iTunes to prompt for a password.

Fortunately, there are two fixes and a few tips from Apple to fix the problem. I used the first option to resolve my own password-saving issue.

Option 1:

  • Launch iTunes
  • Go to Store Menu > Deauthorize Computer
  • Once deauthorization is complete, quit iTunes
  • Relaunch iTunes
  • Go to Store Menu > Authorize Computer

iTunes is fixed, but you will have to enter and check the option to save your password the next time you are given the opportunity to do so. Thereafter, iTunes should remember the password.

Option 2:

  • Launch iTunes
  • Go to Store Menu > View My Account(your Apple ID)
  • Click Reset Warnings

iTunes reset warnings David Martin

Like Option 1 above, Option 2 fixes iTunes. In this case, however, you will be faced with a few pop-up warnings that you will have to dismiss--annoying, but usually brief.

Finally, Apple offers some suggestions to resolve this problem in its article, iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize computer to play iTunes Store purchases.

Were these tips helpful? Are you experiencing other unresolved problems with iTunes? Let us know in the comments.