Five fun, free Android games

What better way to while away the hours spent standing in lines, waiting for friends, and traveling on planes, trains, and buses than with some fun, free games? Here are five great ones for your Android.

Jasmine France Former Editor
Angry Birds did not make the cut. Click through to find out what did. CNET/CBS Interactive

You know how the saying goes: all work and no play makes Android a dull boy. Or something to that effect. The point is that in addition to loading up your device with a selection of useful apps from our Android Starter Kit, we want you to have some good distractions for waiting rooms, commutes, and just general silliness. To that end, we've picked out five fun, free Android games to help you pass time.

Now, if you took a look at that list and asked yourself "but why-oh-why did Angry Birds did not make the cut?", we have an answer for you. For this roundup, we wanted to focus on some games that many of you might not have come across before, and that game has been done to death. Any self-respecting gadget-hound who hasn't heard of it already needs to take an excursion from that rock s/he has been hiding under.

All that being said, Angry Birds: Seasons is a seriously awesome game. Play it. Now.

What are your favorite games for the Android OS? No need for you to restrict yourselves to the free options--let loose in the comments below.