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Fit-Any wants to make women's shoes less painful

Could this be the end of tight, painful shoes?

Red shoes sit on a blue backdrop
Fit-Any's technology aims to solve an age old problem: ill-fitting, painful shoes.
Getty Images

Finding women's shoes that fit perfectly isn't easy. A new startup called Fit-Any hopes to change that with technology it said will measure your exact shoe size.

We've all been there: Trying on dozens of shoes at the store then, buying a pair you think feel good -- only to have them pinch, chafe and cause blisters. Talk about a pain in the foot. 

That's where the company's Fitting Bootie comes in. Just insert each foot in the bootie to take 3D measurements, and the company's database of other users' results will match your foot to shoe brands Fit-Any's mobile app has on hand. Users can buy new and used shoes directly through the app as well.

"Our business model is a marketplace for premium women's shoes (both new and like new) with a perfect fit differentiation," Fit-Any's founder and CEO Katya Stesin said in an emailed statement.

This isn't the only company trying to make shoe shopping a more pain-free experience. In 2010 Shoefitr created a similar company to help people find well-fitting shoes. Amazon acquired that company in 2015. This year Facebook Messenger took steps at becoming your go-to shopping spot for shoes through a partnership with Nike.

If you want to check out the Fit-Any Bootie, you'll have to visit a Fit-Any party -- think Tupperware parties, of old -- to try it out for yourself.