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First look at LG handset with LTE capability

A couple pictures have emerged online showing what appears to be an LTE-ready handset from Verizon Wireless and LG.

An LTE-capable phone from LG?

Engadget obtained a couple of images that show a very sleek-looking LG handset bearing Verizon Wireless branding.

As Engadget reports, there are very few details to share at this point, but looking closely at the touch-only phone, you can discern what appears to be a screen in the range of 4 inches or larger with a high-definition camera on the back. The right side should have a volume rocker and microSD card, and a dedicated camera button should sit on the left side. The striping down the middle of the back side appears to include logos for both DLNA and Verizon's upcoming 4G LTE network.

Recently, Verizon promised at least six LTE-capable phones for the first half of 2011, so it's very likely this LG handset will be one of them. What's more, Verizon COO Lowell McAdam claimed earlier this month that the carrier would have these devices ready to display for CES in January.

I'm just throwing darts here, but I would anticipate at least 1GHz processor with around 512MB RAM, 2GB internal memory or higher, and an 8-megapixel camera. Hopefully, we'll also be looking at our first Gingerbread phone(s) come early January.