First iPhone 5 case arrives (hands-on)

In advance of the launch of the iPhone 5, Gumdrop sent out iPhone 5 cases to reporters. We'll soon find out whether they fit.

The new Gumdrop Drop Tech Series iPhone 5 case compared to a Speck case for the iPhone 4S.
Sarah Tew/CNET

If the iPhone case fits, acquit.

Last year, Hard Candy Cases released an iPhone 5 case before the iPhone 5 actually was announced and got a little mud on its face when it didn't fit the iPhone 4S. It wasn't even close. (Hard Candy chalks it up to faulty intelligence and perhaps even some diversionary tactics by Apple).

Well, after last year's small embarrassment, Hard Candy is at it again, announcing the ShockDrop case for iPhone 5. And I just got received the new Gumdrop Drop Tech Series iPhone 5 case ($44.95) in the mail about an hour before the Apple event's 10 a.m. start time.

The bottom of the case with cutouts for presumed new, smaller connector (and speaker). Sarah Tew/CNET

We'll see if Hard Candy and Gumdrop get it right this time. It seems more likely since several other manufacturers have already announced iPhone 5 cases ahead of the launch. Apparently, case makers feel pretty confident about their intel this year.

The back of the cases (click to enlarge). Sarah Tew/CNET