Find the path to yoga with these free smartphone apps

Need a place to stretch out your body and mind? Om Finder and Yoga Trail can track down nearby yoga classes and instructors.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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Looking for your daily fix of yoga? A couple of free smartphone apps can lead the way.

As a student of yoga and meditation, I like to stay in practice as frequently as possible. However, finding the right classes when I'm traveling can be a challenge. That's when I turn to a couple of yoga-locating smartphone apps to help me find a nearby instructor.

Om Finder
Available for the iPhone and iPad, Om Finder picks up your current location to suggest nearby yoga classes, studios, and teachers. You'll find the times, location, and other details on each item. You can filter the search by distance, time, length of class, and other factors. Find the right class, and you can then tap on a link for directions and add it to your calendar.

Want to line up a class for a future trip? You can plug a specific zip code into the search and discover what awaits you. And if you know of a nearby studio or class not on the list, you can even ask the app's makers to include it.

Om Finder has helped me track down classes and studios in my neighboorhood that I never even knew existed. For that reason alone, the app has earned a valued spot on my iPhone.

YogaTrail Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Designed for both iOS and Android, YogaTrail is similar to Om Finder at helping you locate nearby yoga studios and teachers. The app goes a step further by also seeking out yoga retreats and training programs anywhere in the world.

By default, YogaTrail looks for classes and other events in your area, but you can type in a specific zip code to search other locations. You can view the results either in list view or map view and sort them based on distance, rating, and relevance.

An Events page lists events in or near your location, while an Explore page helps you find events around the world. Tapping on a specific event, teacher, or other item reveals its description, location, ratings, and other details.

YogaTrail is another app that's proven handy at uncovering events I might not have found any other way.

Those of you who practice yoga should check out both Om Finder and YogaTrail the next time you're seeking a nearby practitioner.