Feature Request: Touchscreen Keyboard!

Feature Request: Touchscreen Keyboard!

Ben Kessler

After surveying Pre owners, Strategy Analytics has come up with one unanimous

request: a touchscreen keyboard. In my first hardware review of the Pre, I commented on my distaste for slider phones. The fact that you have to slide the Pre open each time a text message or e-mail comes in is just plain cumbersome. It's also distracting for those around you.

The question is: how easy is it for Palm to include an onscreen keyboard on the Pre? WebOS wasn't originally designed to work with a touch keyboard, but this could probably be worked around. But is the Pre's screen large enough to accommodate our fingers? If the HTC Magic, which has a 3.2" screen can, it's not out of the question. So will we see an onscreen keyboard? Hopefully Palm listens to their customers and reacts, sooner than later.

What do you think? Would a touchscreen keyboard greatly increase your efficiency on the Pre or is it completely unnecessary?