Facebook: Our terms of service are less confusing now. Really

The social network isn't changing its policies, just trying to explain them better.

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Facebook is trying to clear up a few things.

James Martin/CNET

Facebook says it wants to give people "clear, simple explanations" about how its business works and how it uses your personal information. In a blog post on Thursday, Facebook outlined updates to its terms of service intended to clarify how the company makes money and to explain users' rights on the site. 

The social network said it's adding more information to its terms of service on how it makes money -- including an explanation that points out it doesn't charge for its products because it sells ads -- and what happens when it removes content that violates its policies. Facebook is also updating its terms around intellectual property rights and what happens when you delete content from the social network. 

Mind you, Facebook said it's not actually changing any of its policies, just trying to explain them more clearly.

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The updated terms go into effect on July 31. Facebook said users can preview the changes by visiting its Terms of Service page.

Earlier this month, Twitter made a similar move. The social media platform streamlined its rules with simple, clear language and cut its rules from 2,500 total words to under 600.

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