Evernote gets major Android update

The popular note-taking service brings a few desktop features to the Android client.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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Share your notes with other Android applications. Evernote

As an avid Evernote user, I've really enjoyed watching both the service and its Android application evolve. That's why I was pleased today when I learned that the latest update would add security options, a new widget, and shared notebooks.

Likely to be the most welcome feature is the new ability to collaborate on notebooks using an Android phone or tablet. Mobile users now can search shared notebooks from other Evernote customers directly from their device, with full editing and sync capabilities. The person sharing the notebook must be a Premium subscriber to use the editing feature, but when you add in the other features that come with a Premium account (offline support, larger file size, note history), it becomes even more difficult to pass on the $5-per-month charge.

Evernote now gives users the ability to share notes, tasks, and more across Facebook, Gmail, and other apps. Much like the "share" option found in most Android apps, Evernote now lets you export your content to your favorite social networking and messaging clients.

Notebooks get a significant boost with the enhanced searching, creation, and editing. No longer confined to the desktop Web experience, Android users can create and edit notebooks on the go. And if you have a bunch of notebooks and notes, you'll be happy to know that your results are filtered based on where you are searching.

Protect your notes with a security PIN. Evernote

Care to see where you were when you created notes or took pictures? Luckily, the new Evernote allows for this, and more. Although tagging locations with your notes isn't new, the option to view them on a map is. This can be a handy feature when taking a business trip or vacation since you can add text to go along with those photos. What's more, you can enhance existing notes by adding location to them with a simple edit and the drop of a placement pin.

Finally, security-minded Premium users can lock the app with a PIN. The desktop widget still works the same as before with quick access to creating new tasks and pictures, but you just can't view your notes until you enter the PIN.