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Evernote for Android revs to version 2.0

Evernote for Android lets you take notes, snap photos, record audio, and access all of your existing Evernote data. Version 2.0 offers several improvements to the interface and functionality.

Evernote home screen

The ever-functional and increasingly popular note-taking application Evernote has been available on desktop and mobile devices for a few years, though the app for the Android OS became available only at the beginning of this year. Today, the company made some noticeable improvements to the interface and functionality of the app with version 2.0.

The first thing Evernote addressed on its Android app was the home screen, which is now cleaner and simpler to navigate. Here, you're greeted with six main options: new note, snapshot, all notes, tags, notebooks, and search. This screen also displays sync status, when applicable. Other interface improvements include the ability to search from the top of every screen and a tab at the bottom of the screen that lets you browse notes via scrolling thumbnails. The search feature lets you create new searches, view previous ones, access saved searches and search for things near your current location; Evernote has also improved the option to pull up common searches with filters.

Evernote header bar

Evernote also aimed to making sorting and browsing easier on the device. You can now group notes by notebook, location, or month and scroll between sections. If you tap and hold on any note within the list, a variety of shortcuts become available, such as edit, info, tag, and more. In addition, the app has added a header bar for quickly switching among searches, notes, tags, and notebooks.

Perhaps one of the more compelling improvements in Evernote 2.0 for Android is the noticeably faster performance. The app accomplishes this by downloading all the data about your notes and taking advantage of Android's background processing capabilities. This also allows any note created or edited on the device to be saved for offline access; premium users can now enjoy offline access to notebooks as well.

Evernote for Android

Other new capabilities: use the Google Search widget to search within the Evernote app; create home screen search shortcuts (as shown in the screenshot above); record audio as you type; store the app on your SD card; and share content among apps.