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Essential developing phone that'll use AI to send texts and emails for you, says report

From the co-creator of Android comes a phone that'll respond for you, according to report.

The Essential Phone PH-1 is the only phone so far from Essential.
Josh Miller/CNET

Essential may be working on a phone that's unlike any other on the market.

The company is reportedly working on a phone that uses AI to mimic the user and automatically respond to messages for them, according to Bloomberg.

This device would be different than your standard smartphone. It reportedly has a small screen, but will mainly be operated through voice commands. Using Essential's AI software, the phone may learn how to book appointments, send texts and respond to emails on its own. You'll also be able to use it to make calls, says Bloomberg.

Essential has reportedly given up other projects to work on this phone. The company has yet to release another phone since it came out with the Essential Phone in May 2017.

The company has gone through a few setbacks since the release of the Essential Phone. The Essential Phone was delayed and the Essential Phone 2 was reportedly canceled. It was also reported that Essential's founder, Andy Rubin, was considering selling the company.

Rubin is the co-creator of Google's Android operating system, so some people had high hopes for his Essential Phone. But the phone's camera received poor reviews, and it was largely seen as a flop

Essential didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.