Embercase iPhone case doubles as hand warmer

An unusual marriage of phone protection and hand-warming technology results in the crowdfunded Embercase.

Protect your iPhone while heating your hands. Exumme

Heat sources and iPhones are usually two things you would prefer to keep far apart from each other. However, a Kickstarter project has figured out a way to bring the two safely together, all in the name of warming your cold little fingers. The Embercase from Exumme is definitely the sort of accessory you'll do a double-take over. mean it's an iPhone case and a hand warmer? Why, yes, it is.

There is some nifty design work that has gone into making the two sides of the case get along. The case is made from titanium with a battery-powered heating element that warms up the back. So you don't toast your iPhone, it's built with a layer of Aerogel ceramic fiber to insulate the phone itself from any heat. Polycarbonate corners help protect against bumps and drops.

The Embercase connects to your phone via Bluetooth, which allows you to control the temperature using an app. The case has already been through several rounds of prototyping. Exumme is hoping to raise $50,000 to go into production and is up to over $9,000 with 25 days left to go on the project.

As far as pricing goes, Embercase will cost you quite a bit more than a cheap-o silicone skin. The regular pledge price is $90 (about £56, AU$102). The case is available to fit iPhone 5, 5S and 6.

Embercase is bound to appeal to people with perpetually cold hands. You might forget your gloves or your chemical-reaction hand warmers, but chances are you always have your phone with you. There's also some novelty value to having a case that doubles as a heater, though people around you might start to wonder why you're always caressing your iPhone when it's snowing.

Crank up the temp using an app. Exumme