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Element's swanky Vapor Epiphany iPhone 4/4S case ships

Its full name is the Element Vapor Comp Epiphany and like a lot of Element's cases, it doesn't come cheap at $129.99. But it sure looks good.

The $129.99 Epiphany has a powder-coated machined aluminum frame and clear poly carbonate cap that's back painted with white acrylic urethane hot rod paint.
Element Case

Element Case is a "boutique" iPhone case maker that's gotten plenty of press for its swanky Vapor line, which now includes the just-shipped $129.99 Vapor Comp Epiphany case you see here.

The Epiphany comes in a microfiber "cleaning" pouch and ships with a second protective molded "travel" zipper case (your full iPhone with the case on it fits in the pouch or travel case).

You also get two interchangeable back plates that are made out soft material that Element describes as Epiphany Blue Ultrasuede and Herrera White Pearl. Oh, just so you know you're not getting a cheap knockoff from China, you get a "certificate of authenticity" that tells you that you've bought a genuine Element Vapor case that's designed and crafted in California.

The Vapor Comp Epiphany comes in all white and blue and white option (the blue looks more like aqua) and is really designed for the white iPhone 4 and 4S.

The more macho Vapor Pro R8 retails for a whopping $159.99. Element Case

If you're looking for something a bit more macho, there's always the new Vapor R8 Pro above. It costs a whopping $159.99, but hey, that's the price you pay for a vanity case that's popular with the celebrity class and assorted other 1-percenters.

Element Case Vapor Comp from Element Case on Vimeo.