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eHarmony envisions chatbot that'll stop people from 'ghosting' each other

It doesn’t solve the player problem though.

Casey Zgutowicz, right, and fiance Micaela De Alba met on eHarmony.
Michael Tercha/Getty Images

eHarmony reportedly plans to build a chatbot that'll put a stop to ghosting. You know, when someone suddenly cuts off communication without an explanation.

The dating website's planned bot will analyze two users' dating profiles and recommend "say something" or what they should say after communication has stopped for a couple of days or weeks, according to Yahoo Finance. For example, if the person you talked to likes skiing, the date bot may suggest, "Ask him about skiing."

While not in development yet, the feature could come out within the next 18 months, eHarmony CEO Grant Langston told Yahoo Finance.

"The fact is a lot of people that got married on eHarmony, got married when they were 25, and now they're 40 and they're divorced,"Langston told Yahoo Finance. "And they never dated much, and they don't know how to date. Guys don't know how to ask. It's astounding, really, how many people need help. We think we can do that in an automated way."

The feature aims to stop people from ghosting each other, though you still have the final say on whether you want to continue the conversation or not.  And though the feature may not be able to entirely prevent ghosting, it could act as a friendly reminder for decent daters, and as a guilty conscience for longtime players.  

eHarmony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.