EE 4G SIM-only plans delayed, now due 'within two weeks'

The UK's first 4G network was set to offer SIM-free deals from today, but says they're now due within two weeks.

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EE, the UK's first 4G network, has delayed its SIM-free tariffs, with the cheaper deals now expected to arrive "within the next two weeks".

Although the new network went live a few weeks ago, it seems you'll have to sit tight if you want to buy one of the network's SIM-only plans, which were supposed to go live today.

The all-caps operator took to Twitter to apologise for the delay. "Sorry folks," EE said, "There's been a date change for our SIM-only plans. We expect to bring them in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for the new date."

In a statement sent to CNET UK, EE said, "Our 4GEE SIM-only plans will now be launching within the next two weeks."

The contrite operator continues, "We know many customers are keen to get their hands on our SIM-only plans and we are looking forward to offering them as soon as our testing process is complete. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

The delay will affect anyone who was planning on signing up to the 4G network, but doesn't need EE to supply a new phone. Because these deals are typically much cheaper per month, it can be less expensive in the long run to buy an unlocked phone separately and sign up to a SIM-only plan.

There are no prices currently listed on EE's site, but we had heard earlier that SIM-only plans would start at £21. That's a not inconsiderable sum, but then all of EE's prices so far have been rather steep.

Indeed, EE has come under fire for its pricey contracts, which start at £36, and for the fact that there's no unlimited data option -- something of a limitation for a service that's all about speedy downloads.

Orange and T-Mobile, which are part of EE, will continue to operate for now, though eagle-eyed high-street denizens will have noticed that those networks' 700 shops have been changed, in a sneaky rebadging exercise.

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