Edmunds releases top 10 car tech safety features

Edmunds releases top 10 car tech safety features

Kevin Massy
In a report out today, Edmunds.com outlines 10 key high-tech safety features that potential buyers should consider when shopping around for a new car.

In no particular order, here are the top 10: tire-pressure monitoring; adaptive cruise control; blind-spot detection/side assist/collision warning; lane-departure warning; rollover prevention; occupant-sensitive/dual-stage air bags; emergency-brake assist; adaptive headlights/night-vision assist; a rearview camera; and an emergency-response system.

The list is strong evidence of the increasing proliferation of active safety systems--features that are designed to prevent an accident, rather than traditional passive systems (such as seat belts and air bags), which are intended to keep the driver and the passengers safe after an accident occurs. According to Edmunds, Audi is leading the way with regard to safety tech--the German carmaker offers 9 out of the top 10 systems within its model range.

I'm just surprised that Bluetooth hands-free phone interfaces didn't make the short list. Getting drivers to put down their cell phones while they're behind the wheel would probably reduce traffic accidents by the same amount as all of these other devices combined.