eBay Selling app for iPhone review: Mobile dejunkifier

eBay is bringing its Selling application to the UK iPhone market. It lets you sell your possessions on the move, and features a barcode scanner for inputting item info quickly

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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It's a familiar scenario: you're walking the dog, miles from your nearest computer, when suddenly you realise you need to sell that stuffed elephant head your great uncle brought back from his days as a tea-plantation baron in India. What do you do?!

Don't worry: eBay has you covered, with its free, new-to-the-UK iPhone app for selling your possessions on the go. Not only can you create an entire listing using only the app, you can use the iPhone's built-in camera to take a few tasty snapshots of your product, and even search eBay's database to see if it has the item's details on record. That's a time-saver if e'er we saw one.

Similarly, you can track down products using the app's in-built barcode scanner, which eBay acquired when it bought Occipital's RedLaser scanning technology. We can see this being particularly useful if you're peddling a videogame or a CD -- something that would have the barcode right there on the box. Again, if it can, the app will fill in all the details for you.

Flicking through the many options and extras is handled with a typical iPhone slider-button/drop-down menu interface. It all seems very simple, and could even prove more usable than the full Web listing system -- which is so bloated with options and extras that actually getting your item online can be a nightmare.

An extra feature is the ability to search for products in-app, and check out the going rate for similar items, which is really helpful when it comes to picking the right starting price for your precious, precious junk.

eBay already offers a shopping app -- what we really need now is a way to integrate both buying and selling into a single, all-conquering application, so every time we shift a heap of junk, we can buy some more to celebrate. Download the eBay selling app for free by clicking here (iTunes link).

If you fancy any more info, check out this promo video we found on this thing called 'Your Tubes' or something.