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Dying for a Nokia Lumia 900? Preorder it at a Microsoft store

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of signing up with AT&T, you can reserve your Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone at one of Microsoft's 15 retail stores.

Microsoft retail store in San Diego
Microsoft's retail store in San Diego.
Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

If you've got that gorgeous Nokia Lumia 900 on the brain, 25 bucks will get you a guaranteed reservation for the phone. The only problem? You'll need to live near one of Microsoft's fifteen retail locations.

It costs $25 to reserve the phone, a fee that comes out of the total price of the handset. You'll have to pick it up at the location as well, a Microsoft store employee told me over the phone, and they'll call to let you know when you can pick up your prize.

Microsoft's retail employees will activate the phone on-site, and you'll be able to take it home with you from there.

What's interesting to me is that Microsoft isn't shouting this option from the rooftops, perhaps because the retails spots are still scarce. "We just got information about that ourselves," the employee, Cindy, told me when I called. "We don't have any information on how much it's going to cost."

Fortunately, we have a pretty good idea that the Windows smartphone, which won Best of CES for the smartphone category, will cost $100 and arrive March 18.

(Via The Verge)