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DoubleTwist for Android adds MagicRadio

DoubleTwist today gets a new feature that adds streaming radio to its already impressive list of features. Bad news is, it costs money.

Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

DoubleTwist, one of our favorite music players for Android, today gets a new feature that could help the app lure users away from competitors like Pandoraor Spotify.

Called MagicRadio, DoubleTwist's new feature is meant to be a "holistic" music discovery service that can take into account your overall musical tastes as it programs stations for you to enjoy. The company hopes this add-on can attract users who are looking for more-nuanced stations than a Pandora search box and a simple artist name can produce.

While MagicRadio can certainly create stations based on simple parameters like artists, genres, or specific songs (just like Pandora), what sets it apart is its ability to program based on entire playlists or even your entire music collection. So, think about that 50-song playlist that you listen to during your morning workouts. MagicRadio can actually create a radio station that is based on that playlist, so you don't get stuck listening to that same 50-song loop. Since it can easily analyze 50 songs that you like, it has a good chance of delivering others that you might enjoy. And to take that a step further, the app can easily produce a "Music You Love" playlist that can take into account your entire personal music collection.

What users might not want to hear is that MagicRadio costs $3.99 per month to operate. Fortunately, though, the service is completely ad free. And DoubleTwistdoes offer a free seven-day trial, but after that it will automatically charge you for the service unless you cancel.