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DoorDash is reportedly sending drivers to closed restaurants

The app can't tell whether restaurants are open and is accepting orders from closed venues, according to a report.

DoorDash says it's working to make sure it has up-to-date hours and information for restaurants.
Angela Lang/CNET

DoorDash is sending its drivers to closed restaurants because its app can't tell what's open or closed during the coronavirus pandemic, a report Thursday said. This means drivers on wild goose chases are only making $3 an hour in some instances, according to Vice citing several DoorDash drivers.

The food delivery service's drivers are reportedly arriving at restaurants to find that they're closed -- and are then forced to use the app's support system, which is slow to respond because it has fewer staff members during the pandemic. Vice also reported that drivers sometimes don't get full pay from DoorDash for these orders, and also won't let them accept new orders before the issue is resolved.

DoorDash said it's working to make sure it has up-to-date hours and information for restaurants during this "unprecedented situation," and that its "Dashers" will get half-guaranteed pay for any pickups where the location is closed.

"We understand that in some instances, Dashers may be redirected to support and experience a longer than usual wait time to report a store closure. In those cases, we've updated our policy to grant Dashers 'full-guaranteed pay,'" a DoorDash spokesperson said in an emailed statement.