Disney is releasing a new series of adorable, homemade Frozen shorts on YouTube

The new series, At Home with Olaf, features everyone's favorite snowman.

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Shelby Brown

The new Disney short features Olaf and a cute snowgie. 

Disney/ Screenshot by Shelby Brown/ CNET

Disney animator Hyrum Osmond is creating a new series of Frozen shorts called At Home with Olaf to help keep kids entertained while stuck at home during coronavirus quarantines. The new series features the lovable snowman Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) and his quirky adventures in Arendelle.  

The first episode, Fun in the Snow, shows Olaf chucking snowballs in the forest and giggling. When a snowgie approaches, Olaf mistakenly lobs the little creature's head. The snowgie dashes off and returns with his head. The pair then continue their new take on fetch. 

It's not known at the moment how many Olaf shorts Disney will release, or how frequently, but Disney Animation's tweet featuring the 40-second short received excited responses from fans. 

While you're waiting for the next Olaf short, you can watch Frozen, Frozen II and Olaf's Frozen Adventure on Disney Plus

CNET reached out to Disney for comment and we'll update when we hear back. 

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