Discount tethering prices for O2 iPhone users: Tether me up, tether me down

O2 is slashing prices to keep its iPhone users happy with a discounted tethering tariff that also includes basic home broadband, for a limited time

Flora Graham

Tethering isn't just for balls on poles and tents on windy days -- it means you can use your phone's Internet connection with your laptop.

With the iPhone leaving its monogamous relationship with O2 to step out with Orange, O2 has announced a discounted tethering bundle it hopes will help tie us to it.

iPhoners who pay monthly can nab 3GB of tethering for £9.79 per month if they buy before 31 December. The normal price is £14.68 per month. Pay as you go customers aren't allowed to tether.

O2 is also throwing in a basic home ADSL broadband package for free, which usually costs £7.34 -- or you can apply the £7.35 discount to a bigger broadband package.

Orange wants £15 per month for 3GB of tethering on its iPhone contracts.

O2 calls its discounted bundle the 'Total Connectivity ' bolt-on, and it'll be available starting tomorrow from its Web site.