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Dimple expands NFC button-sticker lineup

Only a few days into its Indiegogo campaign, this buzzworthy product now includes a two-button version and phone-specific cases.

The Dimple Standard and new Dimple Mini will be available in even more colors. Dimple

Remember Dimple? It's the NFC-powered sticker that adds four physical buttons to your Android phone or tablet.

I previewed the product last month, shortly before its Indiegogo fundraising campaign went live. Although that campaign has 30 days left, it has already surpassed its initial $43,000 goal.

As a result, the developers have already expanded the Dimple lineup and offered a couple "stretch goals." For starters, in addition to the original four-button Dimple, there will be a two-button Dimple Mini. (Early contributors can earmark a Mini for $17, versus $27 for the newly dubbed Dimple Standard.)

Originally offered in white, gray, and purple, the products will now be available in three additional colors (black, cyan, and light red), the result of already meeting a recently added $45,000 stretch goal. If the funding hits $55,000, expect another three (to be determined by contributors, who are invited to suggest colors in the comments).

But the bigger news is the potential arrival of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cases for Galaxy S4/S5, HTC One M7/M8, and Nexus 5. The Dimple won't work with metal-encased devices like the HTC Ones, but the two-button cases would solve that problem. The cases will ship in September, assuming funding hits the $70,000 mark.

Two-button Dimple cases will be available for select Galaxy, HTC, and Nexus phones. Dimple

If it does, and you've already made a contribution, you'll have the option of switching your pledge level to a case, after the campaign ends. Likewise, if you pledged $27 for a Dimple Standard, you'll have the option of getting two Dimple Minis instead.

I still think this is one of the coolest uses for NFC I've seen yet. Now that the campaign is live and there are more Dimple options available, think you'll buy in?