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Dialed In #215: The agony and ecstasy of Mike Daisey (podcast)

This week's podcast dissects Mike Daisey, the actor whose "artistic license" in his damning one-man show about Apple's iPhone factory is clouding the real issues.

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Actor Mike Daisey's one-man show on his depiction of deplorable working conditions at Apple's iPhone factory took a sharp turn when Daisey's "facts" were revealed as partial fiction. It isn't just Daisey's shaky credibility that's on the line, nor the news outlets that publicized his work as first-hand source material--CNET included--but also the message he's worked so hard to drive home.

We also take a closer look at the benefits of unlimited data--or not--and check out one of the most intense workout accessories that does more than just play your music while you run.


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