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Dialed In 173: The return of the Bonnie

It's a big week in the Dialed In studio as Bonnie drops by for a visit and we debate the big news from Google I/O.

It was a very special Dialed In this week, and not because of Google I/O. Rather, smartphone genius Bonnie Cha returned to San Francisco for a visit and we got to host her in the studio. So instead of us fumbling to make the connection to New York, Bonnie herself (and not Bonnie Bear) was in the chair. Google I/O, however, did offer a lot of news, from more details on Ice Cream Sandwich (the OS version, not the dessert) to the debut of Google's movie rental service. Also in the podcast, Jessica trashes the design of Google's new cloud-based music service, Bonnie trashes the HP Veer, and Nicole and Kent try to make sense of Moto's name for its newest phone.

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