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Dialed In 154: See ya, suckers! (podcast)

Happy Holidays from Dialed In as we gather around the Yule Log to talk about the Nexus S and silly Bluetooth headsets.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
Kent was a senior managing editor at CNET News. A veteran of CNET since 2003, he reviewed the first iPhone and worked in both the London and San Francisco offices. When not working, he's planning his next vacation, walking his dog or watching planes land at the airport (yes, really).
Kent German
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Just when you thought Nicole Lee was all sunshine and rainbows, she ends this week's podcast with the above farewell. Indeed, it was a Grinchy week in the studio as Bonnie shot down my hysterical jokes (well, I thought they were funny), I scolded Sanyo for naming its new phone the "Taho," and Jessica slams the Nexus S for not being special enough. Jessica may have nothing but love, but it wasn't a show filled with holiday cheer.

Cell phone goodness abounded, however, as we talked about even more Verizon iPhone rumors, additional MetroPCS 4G markets, and free U.S. Cellular phones. Also, though we couldn't enjoy any gingerbread cookies, the small wonders of Gingerbread gets its due attention, and we got to our latest reviews including a rather curious Bluetooth headset and the Samsung Nexus S. And in case any wordsmiths are listening, Jessica coined a new word today, so crack open the dictionaries and jot it down.

Watch this: Dialed In 154: See ya, suckers!


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