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Dialed In: 138: We are all illustrious

In this spectacular episode, the Dialed In crew hashes out the latest iPhone Verizon rumor, previews the upcoming Droid 2, and touches on the BlackBerry Torch review. Don't miss the stories, upcoming reviews, and accolades.

In your weekly dose of Dialed In, the crew kicks around the the latest iPhone Verizon rumor, which strikes us as a lot of kids crying wolf. We also preview the upcoming Droid 2, which Kent was prescient enough to mention while surveying Verizon's leaked roadmap.

Bonnie once again shines some light on the BlackBerry Torch in her hands-on review and shares what's ahead for the Droid 2, the first Android phone to ship with the 2.2 OS. In fact, we all have something to say about Google's mobile operating system. Everything's coming up Android. While Nicole wonders why the Motorola Bali doesn't sweep her away to paradise, Jessica continues to crack terrible puns. Meanwhile, Jason acts modest and coy.

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