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Denon ASD-1R: Audiophile iPod Dock

Denon continues its love affair with the iPod by creating a high-end dock, and one that will integrate seamlessly with the rest of its audio range

The Bristol Show features the world's best home cinema companies packed into hotel rooms and pimping their wares to an audiophile crowd. It can be quite a fight to push through the drooling geeks and find the new products. Of all the companies Denon had the most to see, with both a new receiver and this iPod dock forming part of the 2006 range. Those with a keen eye on the Japanese manufacturer may have noticed its fondness for the iPod -- the recent S-101 system was designed from the ground up to play music from the ubiquitous MP3 player.

iPod docks are ten a penny though, so why should you care? Apart from the importance given by the mere fact we're telling you about it? Well, the ASD-1R offers plenty of reasons for Denon fans. It will allow you to control your iPod music from Denon's mini systems, including one of our favourite DAB radios, the D-M35DAB. And if you're using the newly announced Denon AVR-2807 home cinema receiver, you'll be able to see track information displayed on the receiver, or even pumped through to the TV.

The ASD-1R will also recharge the iPod, and the S-video connector lets you output your photos to your TV. The dock was unveiled at the Bristol Sound and Vision show this weekend, and it will be available to buy soon, for £80, in both White and Black finishes. -GC