DataCase Turns Your iPhone Into a Wireless Storage Device

DataCase Turns Your iPhone Into a Wireless Storage Device

Ben Wilson

A new app called DataCase, retailing for $6.99 at the iTunes App Store, turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless storage medium accessible by any other devices on a local wireless network. You can use the app to set up a drop box on the iPhone/iPod touch, or you can move files in either direction back to/from a computer.

There is no additional software or server requirement for this application. If you are using a Mac, it works directly with the Finder and Bonjour - appearing immediately on the accessible server list. Files moved to the handheld devices can be viewed without a desktop computer. PC users don't have the same level of integration -- Windows users must follow specific instructions to access the drive. DataCase also supports FTP file transfers.

DatCase supports a plethora of spoken languages and offers some level of security by allowing you to create multiple volumes (up to 16) and then control access to these volumes. While a variety of audio and video files can be transferred to these drives, playback is limited to media that the iPhone OS supports.