CyanogenMod Installer app now on Apple Macs

CyanogenMod has crossed the rubicon to Apple Mac computers with an installer app for OS X.

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Richard Trenholm

CyanogenMod continues its quest to take over the world. Breaking beyond the confines of Android phones, the installer app has crossed the rubicon to Apple Mac computers.

The app installs CyanogenMod, a modified version of Android, on selected Android phones. The installer was recently released for Windows, and it now works on OS X as well.

So if you prefer Android for your phone but Apple on your desk, CyanogenMod now has you covered. Ironically, the installer app was recently booted out of the Google Play store.

Google object to the fact the app installs the official Android Debug Bridge, software designed for developers to dive into the innards of a device, used here to give you root access -- which voids your warranty.

CyanogenMod is working on becoming an alternative to Android as we know it, while still based on Android as a foundation. It raised £4.3m of investment in September, and has shown off its first phone in the shape of the Oppo N1.

Are you a Cyanogen fan? Let me know what you think in the comments, or on our Facebook page -- it works on Macs and PCs.