Customize your Android device with Sprint ID

Sprint ID allows users of Sprint's newest Android phones a deeper degree of customization.

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Kent German

SAN FRANCISCO--Sprint kicked off its CTIA presence today by announcing a user customization feature for its newest Android phones.

Sprint ID will transform the standard Android home screen with user-specified wallpaper, widget selection, and features. You'll be able to create up to five identities per handset and program each with your preferred options. As you switch between IDs, the home screen will change accordingly. For example, a work ID might have instant access to your e-mail while a home ID may offer a shortcut to your music player.

Though it may sound like your standard Android customization, Sprint ID allows you to go a couple steps further. Certain features may be available only under a specific ID and you'll be able to program some settings like the Wi-Fi access point.

Sprint ID will debut on the carrier's new LG Optimus S, the Sanyo Zio, and the Samsung Transform. It may expand to other handsets in the future.

We'll follow up with more analysis later today.