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Cricket upgrades 'All-In' plans, hands out 2.5GB data for $35 per month

AT&T's prepaid business ups the ante with some significant data boosts, and also adds a brand new plan for 20GB of monthly data.

The ZTE Grand X Max+ is one of Cricket's latest handsets. Josh Miller/CNET

Cricket updated its rate plans on Friday to increase the amount of 4G LTE data it'll provide its prepaid customers.

The plans span $35 per month at the low end to $60 a month for the highest bucket of data. All plans include unlimited talk and text in addition to the capped data allotment. You can get the lowest rates per category by signing up for auto-pay, a move that will knock $5 off your monthly bill.

Cricket is also introducing a brand new rate plan for the heaviest data users. Called the Advanced plan, this one includes 20GB for $60 a month, or $55 with the Auto Pay benefit. You can learn more at


Free month of service

As a final lure, Cricket is also offering a free month of service to new customers who switch from other carriers and sign up for the Smart, Pro, or Advanced plan (just not the Basic). After completing two months with Cricket, the carrier will shoulder the cost of the free month.

You can learn more at