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Creative Zen Vision: The diet starts now

Creative has given us a sneak peek at the refined, slimmer models of the Zen Vision:M and the Zen Vision W. But will you be amazed at this purely aesthetic improvement?

It's no secret that Apple's video iPod has the upper hand over Creative's Zen Vision:M when it comes to slimness. This is about to change as Creative has announced all-new slimmer, more aesthetically refined Zen Vision:M and Zen Vision W models.

The more pocket-friendly models are noticeably more compact -- probably due to advancements in hard disk technologies, say our Stateside cousins -- but we're advised that other features remain identical to those of current versions of the players.

Crave has kindly been informed by Creative that the new units will be available in the UK in the next couple of weeks. No price differences have been announced but we're fairly confident in saying there won't be a price increase. We'd certainly like to see some extension on battery life though, or maybe OGG and FLAC support. We're not holding our breath, however, as we're under the impression this is a purely aesthetic upgrade.

The Zen Vision W's thickness will plummet from 26.4mm to a tasty 22mm, while the Zen Vision M shrinks from 22.1mm to a rawboned 19mm.

Crave will keep you posted and we hope to have more information tomorrow, and full reviews soon. -NL