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Creative Zen Stone Plus: The good gets better

Creative's Zen Stone Plus MP3 player builds on its younger sibling by adding a little screen and extra storage. Good news for those of you who thought the Zen Stone was close to perfect

It's the morning after the night before at Crave, but we're pleased to hear not everyone feels as rough and partied out as we do. Creative is on the ball, today revealing the Zen Stone Plus.

We were were happy to see the Stone on paper, and even happier to see it in person, but we're even more excited about its big brother. The Zen Stone Plus MP3 player adds a tiny circular OLED screen, an FM radio receiver, clock and stop-watch functions and 2GB of storage, on top of the Stone's original specs.

With a price of £49.99, the Stone Plus is set to be about as good as a player of this size can be, and it comes in six snazzy colours. We felt that the bare-bones Stone did its job well, but these extra little features could well push it over the line into perfection territory. The Stone Plus is available from today, so look out for a full review in two shakes. -Nate Lanxon