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8 really cool things to do with your Instagram pictures

Turn your best social media pictures offline into some incredible gifts and goodies. Here's a collection of some of our favorite things to do with Instagram photos.

So you've got a ton of photos you love online, maybe even posted to popular photo-sharing service Instagram (you and more than 300 million other people). Viewing pictures on your screen is one thing, but when you truly have something special to share, your laptop, phone or even TV just isn't going to cut it.

No, those photos -- with their fun and funky filters and all -- need to be brought to life in the real world, where they can hang on your wall or in a calendar, or be turned into gifts.

I've gathered up a collection of really cool and fun things you can do with those photos from Instagram or elsewhere. Hopefully, it will inspire you to actually do something tangible with your favorite pictures.

Canvas print

Why not take some of your best work and display it proudly in your living room or office? CanvasPop offers canvas prints of Instagram pictures in 12-by-12-inch and 18-by-18-inch sizes with an option to include framing.

Pricing varies, but there's almost always a promotion or coupon code that can be applied for savings. Look around and you'll likely find something to slash the price by some 30 to 50 percent.

CanvasPop will print your images in 12-by-12-inch and 18-by-18-inch sizes. CanvasPop

The CanvasPop team will send a digital proof via email before printing anything out so you'll have a chance to see exactly what the finished product look like. And, if you're not entirely happy with the print, you can get a reprint or your money back. Moreover, each print comes with a lifetime guarantee against cracking and fading.


In the market for a perfect coffee table book? There's nothing more you than one that's personally created with 20 of your favorite photos. For $30.99, Sticky9 will create a square photobook based on your own images.

Create a 20-page coffee table book of your own with Sticky9. Scott Webster/CNET

Measuring 20 by 20cm (just shy of 8 inches), the books are printed on matte pages that separate pictures with white borders. Each image is given its own page and you're able to pick the order in which they're printed. The glossy hard cover showcases the first nine photos you select, so have fun with it.

Also read: The best and worst photobook-making sites for you.


If you're the type who wants to display a large number of your pictures, you might enjoy seeing them printed on a poster. Starting as low as $25, Printstagram will create collage of 50-200 pictures with multiple design options.

Show off between 50-200 of your Instagram images with a poster. Printstagram

Depending on which poster size you select, you'll be able to pick how many of your Instagram photos make the cut. The smaller poster (20 inches by 30 inches) allows for 54, 96, or 150 pics while the larger (20 inches by 38 inches) handles 50, 128, or 200 images. Keep in mind that squeezing in more photos will shrink the respective size of each.

Other options include selecting white or black backgrounds and a frame. Opting for the latter places your poster in a black frame with an acrylic pane and hardware for hanging.

Cell phone case

What better way to show appreciation for your smartphone than to deck it out in a personalized case? After all, your smartphone camera is responsible for all of those wonderful Instagram pictures, right? Casetify's selection for Android phones and iPhones is easy to pick once you select your device from a list.

There are plenty of options to choose from, including whether you're using your own photos or one gleaned from a friend. Know which type of phone your bestie uses? Surprise them with a case decorated with their favorite pictures.

Casetify can create personalized smartphone cases using your friend's Instagram pics, too. Scott Webster/CNET

The website offers a drag-and-drop interface that lets you choose which images go where and whether you'd like to apply a filter. Yes, you can add one of eight filters on top of the entire design, giving the case a somewhat cohesive look.

At $40, these cases don't exactly come cheap. But the look on Mom's face when you surprise her with a custom case is pretty priceless.


Thanks to Stitchtagram, you can rest your head on a hand-sewn pillow that represents some of your favorite moments. Printed on polyester, the pillows measure 16 x 16 inches and make room for 1, 4, 9 or 25 pictures.

Use pictures from friends and family to create a one-of-a-kind handcrafted pillow. Stitchtagram

In addition to using photos, the service also lets you add short messages and emojis. As part of the customization, you can select fonts, colors and alignment.

If you're planning to give these pillows as a gift, you can also use images from someone else's account, say your friend or family's. This way, you can create a pillow that's designed with pictures from the entire crew.


Crafted using bamboo plywood, Hatchcraft's Boo Box frames are designed to make your picture looks like it's floating in the center of the box. They come in two sizes: 4-inch or 7-inch prints. Each has a keyhole slot on the rear so you can easily hang it up.

Create 4-inch and 7-inch shadowboxes with your Instagram pictures. Hatchcraft

You'll only be able to select one image per unit, but the shadowboxes are priced affordably at $19 and $29, respectively. The company also sometimes shares discount codes over social media.


A more simple approach to getting your favorite Instagram photos off the phone and into the world, Artflakes will print your pics into square stickers. Nothing fancy here, just a cool way to turn those sushi and cloud pictures into 4-inch stickers.

Artflakes can turn your pictures into 4-inch, removable stickers. Artflakes

There are three quantities to choose from: 10, 20 and 50 pictures. As you might expect, the price per sticker drops as you select a higher volume.

One of my favorite details is that it's possible to select any number of individual photos for your sheet. This way, you can print 10 of the same vacation photo alongside singles of the other pics.


A close cousin to the stickers, ImageSnap's tiles can dress up your kitchen or bathroom. Sold in two sizes, these squares are printed in either high-gloss or scratch-resistant matte finish.

The Ditto is a 2-inch square tile that can be used as a fridge magnet. ImageSnap

The 2-inch tiles (Teeny size) come with a self-adhesive magnet so you can toss a few Instagram photos on your fridge. You can put the larger, 4.25-inch squares (Classic size) onto a kitchen backsplash or tiled wall. Pricing is listed at $4 and $13 each, respectively.

Depending on where you plan to place the tiles, you might want to buy a handful of additional accessories. Rustic wooden frames will punch up your Instagram pictures if you want to hang them on a wall. Alternatively, the cork backings turn the tiles into drink coasters.

Suffice it to say, there's plenty you can do with Instagram pictures besides sharing them digitally. And, really, this was only a fraction of what's available. Swing by any of the services listed here and you'll likely find at least two or three other items you can order; we didn't even get to the dog pillow, laptop case or tablet cover.

The question is, which of these will you keep and which will you give as a gift?