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Confirmed: Google Voice for Sprint live for some

Some Sprint users have been able to get Google Voice integration for weeks.

Google Voice and Sprint
Google Voice integration with Sprint still isn't officially ready, according to Google's site. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Sprint's integration with Google Voice isn't available for everyone yet, but it is live for some people ahead of schedule.

"When we announced our Google Voice integration with Sprint, we confirmed it would be rolling out gradually to all Google Voice users," a Google representative told CNET in an e-mail. "Over the last couple of weeks, we have extended a limited number of beta invites to users and will begin rolling out to everyone soon."

In contrast with Google, Sprint has kept quiet. Spokesman Mark Elliot told CNET, "We have not announced an availability date for Google Voice, and we do not comment on rumors or speculation about product or service availability."

For now, Google's Web page for Google Voice on Sprint still shows the service as incubating (screenshot above), and prompts you to add your address for launch information.

Google and Sprint announced the partnership last month at CTIA in Orlando, Fla. The deal will grant almost all Sprint phone owners the ability to use Google Voice call forwarding, visual voice mail, and voice transcription services more easily from their devices, without changing their Sprint phone number.

[Originally via Boy Genius Report]

Article updated at 4:30pm PTwith confirmation and comment from Google.