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Concept iPhone Air and iPhone 6C shown off in video

One Italian company has made a couple of concept videos, showing off what it reckons Apple's future handsets could look like.

What does Apple have up its sleeve for its next iPhone? One company has made a concept video -- which I've embedded in this story -- showing off what it reckons the iPhone 6C could look like.

And while it's at it, it's made one for the iPhone Air, too. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Here's the iPhone 6C vid, via our American cousins over at CNET.

It was put together by Set Solution, a Milan-based company, which describes itself on its website as specialising in "the production of digital content" and "interactive media". As you can see, Set reckons the device will have a curved screen, similar to the LG Optimus G Flex. But unlike LG's model, it'll have a flat back, which would be something new in handset design. The C in iPhone 6C stands for Curve, in Set's video, though the handset retains the bright colours of the iPhone 5C.

Now, here's the iPhone Air video, which was posted a few weeks ago.

Looks pretty nifty, eh? Set's vision of the iPhone Air sees the handset sporting a wedge design, measuring 1.5mm thick at the top, and 3mm at the base. This would be quite a drastic reduction on the iPhone 5S, which measures 7.6mm around its waist.

Set reckons the handset will weigh 70g, which would be a lot less than the 5S's 112g.

Both the iPhone Air and iPhone 6C are shown with Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor, as found on the iPhone 5S.

Set isn't the first company to speculate that Apple will make an iPhone Air. Though so far we haven't seen any leaks, just conceptual mock-ups. But it's probably too early for the supply chain to start haemorrhaging parts like it did before the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C.

What do you reckon? And would you buy a curved phone? Or are they just a flash in the pan? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.