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Come Dine With Me app is iPhone foodie face-off

The new Come Dine With Me app combines cooking and nosing around other people's houses as the popular programme comes to the iPhone.

If you just can't fill your face with enough Come Dine With Me, despite it being on all the blinkin' time, there's an app for that. Channel 4's tasty casserole of middle-class obsessions -- cooking and nosing around other people's houses -- now brings culinary combat to your Apple iPhone or iPod touch.

What's on the menu in the app? There's a feast of features allowing you to organise your own dinner party. Name your party, set the date, pick a theme and include your guests. Graze a buffet of over 100 recipes, and chow down on a handy shopping list to take to the supermarket.

Uncork a cellar of exclusive wine-tasting videos from Hardys, and wash them down with a tool that matches food with the perfect plonk. Then stuff your face with a soundboard offering a smorgasbord of snack-sized sarcasm from appropriately named show narrator Dave Lamb.

As the food simmers, so too does the suspense. Once your culinary creation has been consumed, your guests can secretly score your efforts as a gourmet and as a host. Was it a portion of hearty fare, or a platter of total 'mare? The tension will be thick enough to cut with a knife.

Whether your guests leave gutted or engorged, you can serve up the scores and even share the leftovers -- pictures and feedback -- on Facebook. If you're a glutton for punishment, you can then do it all again next week.

The Come Dine With Me app costs £1.79 and can be dished out from iTunes.