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CNET's worst cell phones of 2009

CNET picks the worst cell phones and smartphones of 2009.

We've already offered you the best smartphones and best cell phones of 2009, so you know that we couldn't end the year without picking the worst handsets as well. In this case, we didn't just pick the 10 phones with the lowest ratings; we did take ratings into account, but we also selected the models that disappointed us the most.

The following handsets, which are listed in no particular order, failed on a variety of fronts. Some had terrible performance, while others had poor designs. We didn't consider phones that simply had few features--that wouldn't be fair to basic phones--but if a low-end phone couldn't make a good call, then it earned itself a place on the list. We also had to include the Sony Ericsson TM717 as a bonus worst phone. Though it had a poor speakerphone, but we were more concerned with the fact that it exemplified Sony Ericsson's worst habits.

So take a look at our worst phones of 2009 sideshow, and be sure to tell us about your most hated phones of the year below.