CNET UK Podcast 545: iPhone charging woes and First Man vs. Venom

We find out how Facebook is going green in Ireland, uncover a forget-me-not font and check out First Man and Venom.

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Is it too much to ask that when you plug in your iPhone to charge, it charges? Apparently so. But a fix is on the way for a charging bug in Apple's new iPhone XS.

CNET's Katie Collins and Richard Trenholm concentrate their very hardest to learn about a new font specially formulated to help you remember the things you read. The twisty typeface Sans Forgetica uses a technique called "desirable difficulty". Or we think that's what it's called. To be honest, it all went in one ear and out the other. 

Plus Katie takes us on a trip inside Facebook's brains: a new server centre. At the Facebook centre in Ireland, you can physically see the world's Facebook activity happening. And while you spend your time liking things on the social network, employees have developed a liking for bees.

We also take a look at two new movies hitting theatres soon. First up, there's the very smart new space race drama First Man. We got to hang out with star Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chazelle to find out more. And out this week is Venom, which is, well, not so smart. Find out how star Tom Hardy channeled Woody Allen, of all people, in this silly but fun supervillain caper.

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