CNET UK Podcast 544: Twitter faces the music, and IFA teases the future

CNET's Katie Collins and Richard Trenholm watch tech execs face off with US lawmakers -- and ask whether it's time for a BlackBerry comeback.

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Richard Trenholm
Deck the Hoyles!

Mr. Tweets goes to Washington.

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Watch this: CNET UK Podcast 544: We debate 8K and Twitter faces the music

Twitter , Facebook and Google are in a showdown with politicians. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg were the latest tech titans to face questioning. 

Katie Collins and Richard Trenholm weigh up Dorsey's performance this week as he tackled questions about alleged bias in Washington

Silicon Valley's trouble is mirrored as young people desert Facebook in droves. Meanwhile Netflix, Amazon and other video streaming services are about to face new regulations in Europe to make sure they show a certain amount of homegrown TV and movies.

In other news, we return from the  IFA  trade show in Germany with highlights of the tech coming your way this year and next. Among the most interesting are a surprising stand-out from BlackBerry, a Huawei AI Cube that is very much not a cube, and a huge boost for Amazon's Alexa voice-activated personal assistant, which is now chatting away on tens of thousands of smart home devices.  

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