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CNET asks: BlackBerry and Nokia are back! Do you care?

Once the top dogs in mobile, these two former blue-chip brands want to claw their way to a comeback. But that'll only work if people like you give a fig.


Nokia and BlackBerry used to be the bigger names in mobile, back before the iPhone came in and revolutionized everything. These prides of Finland and Canada, respectively, hung on for awhile, but each one's proprietary software (Symbian and MeeGo for Nokia and BlackBerry OS for, well, BlackBerry) soon fell behind iOS, Android and even Windows Mobile/Windows Phone.

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They each trundled along in their own way, trying to keep the dream alive. Ultimately, their market share plummeted. Now, the wraiths of Nokia and BlackBerry have yet another chance at revival. For Nokia, that takes the form of the Nokia 6 phone that was released in China and is bound for other parts of the world. For BlackBerry, it'll start with the "Mercury," a touchscreen Android phone that will feature a physical keyboard.

As the Nokia and BlackBerry both tanked, many fans had clamored for the brands to adopt Android software but continue making their own hardware. BlackBerry eventually did, but added its own security software on top. Nokia's 6 is the brand's first Android phone.

Will either one succeed? Well, that depends on you and how likely you'd be to buy one the new phones. So tell us in this poll below what you think -- are you excited about either Nokia or BlackBerry's potential comeback?