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CNET 100: Nicole Lee's favorite Android apps

Nicole Lee picks her 10 favorite Android apps as part of the CNET 100 series. Check out the titles she loves best and be sure to vote for your favorite.

Bonnie Cha Former Editor
Bonnie Cha was a former chief correspondent for CNET Crave, covering every kind of tech toy imaginable (with a special obsession for robots and Star Wars-related stuff). When she's not scoping out stories, you can find her checking out live music or surfing in the chilly waters of Northern California.
Bonnie Cha

Editors' note: Until Friday, 10 CNET personalities are showcasing their 10 personal favorite Android apps as part of the CNET 100. With each post, you can read why they hold the apps so dear and you'll get the opportunity to vote for your own favorite title. Then after the series ends, we'll collect the full list of 100 apps and announce the 10 that you, our readers, love the most.

Senior Associate Editor Nicole Lee is an integral part of CNET's cell phones team. Over the years, she's reviewed countless handsets, ranging from quick messaging phones to the latest BlackBerrys. She's also our resident Bluetooth headset expert and writes a bi-weekly column called The 411 where she answers your questions on all things mobile.

Nicole's favorite Android apps allow her to indulge her other interests outside of technology. This includes keeping up with the World Champion San Francisco Giants, checking out reviews for the latest movies, and catching up on the latest issue of The Economist. Always one to try out new tech, she's quite smitten with the new Google+ and Rdio music service. Nicole also enjoys a mean game of Words with Friends, even though it refuses to accept LOL as a legit word.

Nicole's 10 favorite Android apps (CNET 100)

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Be sure to check back tomorrow on Android Atlas to see app choices from Molly Wood. For yesterday's list, check out the picks from Jaymar Cabebe.