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ClarityLife phone unveiled

The new ClarityLife is a cell phone designed with senior citizens in mind.

Now you have no excuse to not call grandma
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Cell phones may be ubiquitous, but not every cell phone is appropriate for every person. That's why over the last couple of years, a small but growing market has begun to address the cell phones needs of senior citizens. These handsets ditch fancy and unnecessary features in favor of simple designs and basic communication functionality. Previously we've seen it in the Samsung Jitterbug and the UTStarcom Coupe, and today we see it in the new ClarityLife. Unveiled in as Vegas on the first day of CTIA, the ClarityLife has all the hallmarks of a senior-friendly cell phone. It's big and bulky, the display is large and bright and the buttons and controls are oversized and user-friendly. As a phone it accomplishes its job well. Call quality was good and we like that it's sold as an unlocked GSM model. On the downside, the menu interface was more complicated than it should be and the feature list offers a few more applications than are necessary (text messaging anyone?). But we invite you to decide for your self by reading our full ClarityLife review or perusing our ClarityLife slide show. The handset should go on sale later this year for a yet-to-be-determined price.