Cisco tracks you down

Cisco Systems will today announce software that lets mobile users move from one location to the next without changing their Internet Protocol address.

CNET News staff
Cisco Systems will announce new graphical software today that will ease the management of user names and addresses in corporate TCP/IP-based networks.

The Cisco (CSCO) Domain Name System (DNS)/Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Manager lets administrators manage DNS centrally and allows mobile users to move from one location to the next without having to change their Internet Protocol (IP) address via the DHCP server.

The DHCP server is tailored for large networks and dynamically updates DNS names and user IP addresses. The DHCP server can also create a domain of addresses for both Unix and Microsoft Windows NT environments.

Also included is a Domain Name Manager (DNM), which can edit DNS entries for syntax and duplication without forcing an administrator to check through them line by line.

Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager will support Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX, IBM's AIX, Digital Equipment's Open VMS, Sun Microsystems' Solaris, and Windows NT.

Cisco DNS/DHCP Manager will be available at the end of October. Prices are based on the number of nodes and start at $1,750 for 500 nodes. An unlimited license is $20,000.

The DHCP Server, DNS Server and new TFTP, NTP and Syslog Servers will also be bundled separately as the Cisco Server Suite 1000.