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Cisco releases new network software

The networking giant ships new software that can help businesses better allocate their network bandwidth.

Cisco Systems announces the shipment of new software that helps businesses better allocate their network bandwidth.

Cisco's Quality of Service Policy Manager allows network administrators to centrally configure and manage bandwidth in a variety of Cisco switches and routers, a key function in large corporations and service providers.

Through a graphical user interface, companies can better manage data traffic congestion by giving Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications priority over email, for example, said Joe Hielscher, marketing director for CiscoAssure policy networking.

The product is based on Cisco's purchase of Class Data Systems last May, and is part of its CiscoAssure policy-based software initiative to tie its Internetworking Operating System, or IOS, software to network-based applications.

The initiative includes security management software, Internet protocol (IP) addresses, and campus as well as small office site telephony.

The Quality of Service Policy Manager, which supports Cisco IOS version 11.1 to 12.0, costs $25,000. It's integrated with CiscoWorks 2000, the company's management software suite, and supports the 8510 Catalyst switching device. A future release will offer full support of the Catalyst 5000 and 6000 families of multi-layer switches. The first version supports the 5000 and 6000 switches only if they include a RouteSwitch Module, a spokeswoman said.

Cisco's call management software unveiled last week is scheduled to ship in May. The security management software will ship in June, while the IP address manager, called Network Registrar, is currently available.