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Chrome D600: Samsung in silver

The chrome Samsung SGH-D600 is the same D600 as always, but it's been touched by a silver Midas -- it's so silver we felt compelled to keep it in our cutlery drawer

When mobile phones first came out back in the 80s, you had a choice: a black phone or a grey phone. It seems the mobile phone industry didn't have time to take other colours into account and since those colours matched the outfits of the only people who could afford them, who cared?

Lucky for the rest of us, the 80s finished and mobiles became more affordable to the masses, including those of us who aren't partial to black or grey suits. However, it took a while for phone manufacturers to catch up and it's only recently that we've been inundated with all sorts of coloured phones -- be careful what you wish for, it might just come in a range of horrible colours. And pink.

One company that's starting to dip its foot in the amazing Technicolor world of mobile phones is Samsung. This month it launched the chrome D600, which is currently exclusive to Carphone Warehouse, and before you think they've just added a few silver details, please have another look.

The chrome D600 is by far the most silver phone we've ever seen and if it wasn't for the colour screen, you wouldn't be able to see it if the Silver Surfer was using it to call his mum. It's the same SGH-D600 on the inside, but with a silver makeover that deserves a hallmark. It's currently available at the Carphone Warehouse on a monthly contract and on pay as you go for £210. -AL