Chinese iPhone sellers reportedly cut prices following sales warning

The iPhone XR is seeing discounts of up to $118, reports say.

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iPhones including 2018's XR and last year's 8 models are reportedly seeing price cuts in China.

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iPhone sellers in China are reportedly cutting prices after Apple's sales warning to investors, whkch blamed the country's decelerating economy.

Retailers like Suning and JD.com are slashing prices by up to $118 on the iPhone XR, according to Reuters and Yahoo Finance.

Suning will start selling the 64GB iPhone XR for 5,699 yuan (around $845/£660/AU$1,170), while it remains 6,499 yuan ($963/£752/AU$1,333) on Apple's Chinese site, according to Reuters. It'll reportedly sell the 64GB iPhone 8 for 3,899 yuan ($578/£450/AU$800), compared to the 5,099 yuan ($756/£590AU$1,045) Apple price.

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JD.com and rival Dangdang are cutting prices on models going back to 2017's iPhone 8, Reuters noted.

In December, Apple started a trade-in promotion allowing consumers to trade their Android phones (including those from Huawei and Xiaomi ) for credits toward buying new iPhones, Yahoo reported.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Tim Cook , Apple's CEO, placed much of the blame for disappointing iPhone sales during the 2018 holiday season on China's economy, as well as on a contentious relationship between the country and the US.

"We believe the economic environment in China has been further impacted by rising trade tensions with the United States," Cook wrote.

Despite these problems, Apple is reportedly planning a fresh trio of iPhones for 2019 -- including a successor to the troubled XR.

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