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China: We have 'substantial' info on Qualcomm price fixing

China's top antitrust regulator says there is "substantial" evidence against the chipmaker but doesn't go in to detail, according to China Daily.

Jason Jenkins/ CNET

Qualcomm might soon find itself in some legal hot water in China.

Xu Kunlin, head of the National Development and Reform Commission in China, revealed to reporters Wednesday that his agency has "substantial evidence" chipmaker Qualcomm could be engaging in price fixing, according to a report Thursday from China Daily. The report did not reveal any details about the evidence the NDRC has against Qualcomm.

Qualcomm confirmed last month that the Chinese government had launched an investigation into its business, but said it was not aware of any violations. The company promised to cooperate with investigators.

If Qualcomm is found to be violating any laws, it could fall under Xu's auspices as antitrust watchdog. The NDRC, which is undergoing an "unprecedented expansion," according to China Daily, said its antitrust probes are focused on six industries -- aerospace, daily chemicals, automobile, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and home appliances.

CNET has contacted Qualcomm on this latest development. We will update this story when we have more information.

(Via Reuters)